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Maziouna-A001 65 OMR

Elegant Abaya with white embroidery lace along one side open edge and sleeves edges.

Maziouna-A002 75 OMR 65 OMR

Closed Abaya with ruffle cut and flower beads

Maziouna-A009 65 OMR

Luxurious fabric Abaya with falling Geometric shapes from front and back side.

Maziouna-A010 65 OMR

Simple Abaya with embroidery in pockets and sleeves edges.

Maziouna-A011 65 OMR

Chic Abaya with sequined golden embroidery falling in one shoulder side.

Maziouna-A012 65 OMR

Simple Abaya with silk embroidery around sleeves edges.

Maziouna-A013 75 OMR 65 OMR

Modern Abaya with golden embroidery strings and random colorful butterflies.

Maziouna-A014 75 OMR 65 OMR

Simple colored abaya suitable for daily work.

Maziouna-A015 75 OMR 65 OMR

Elegant Abaya with handmade beaded crystal in both shoulders falling to the front center.

Maziouna-A016 65 OMR

Modern Abaya with elaborately white embroidery around the sleeves and the lower part of the abaya.

Maziouna-A017 75 OMR 65 OMR

Chic Abaya with silk strings falling from both shoulder sides ending to beautiful handmade leaves filled with crystal stones.

Maziouna-A018 65 OMR

Simple Abaya with elegant embroidery around the sleeves and the front waist.

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