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Maziouna-A020 65 OMR

Elegant rich black Abaya with silver and gray sequined lines along the sides and across the lower part.

Maziouna-A021 85 OMR

Chic Abaya with silk strings falling from both shoulder and With full bar crystal beads and pearls.

Maziouna-A022 80 OMR

A purple zari abaya with shoulder full length, sleeves design.

Maziouna-A023 80 OMR

A golden colored zari star embroidery full length abaya.

Maziouna-A024 40 OMR

The Abaya is straight cut, with button, made from Neda fabric, combination of velvet material coming with black beads.

Maziouna-A025 65 OMR

Abaya with belt, and pure silk sheila coming with printed Omani jewellery, and gold embroidery in the sleeves.

Maziouna-A026 65 OMR

The Abaya is straight cut, with pure silk sheila prints traditional jewellery.

Maziouna-A027 60 OMR

Classy look, coming with machine embroidery from both side, and in the sleeves.

Maziouna-A028 50 OMR

Simple Abaya with classy embroidery around sleeves edges.

Maziouna-A029 60 OMR

Elegant Abaya coming with combination fabric around sleeves  and hand work from both side.

Maziouna-A030 60 OMR

Beautiful Abaya, made from saloon fabric, combination of raw silk materiel and hand embroidery from both side and sleeves.

Maziouna-A031 60 OMR

Casual Abaya with strips off-white and caff sleeves.

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