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Maziouna-040 65 OMR

A simple Pearl embedded on neck and sleeves free flowing dress.

Maziouna-52 75 OMR

Elegant Kaftan coming with traditional embroidery and elegant cut from both side.

Maziouna-53 60 OMR

Elegant Kaftan comes with golden embroidery in the sleeves and chest and coming with belt.

Maziouna-54 80 OMR

Chiffon Kaftan with golden beads, simple dress and elegant belt.

Maziouna-55 80 OMR

Elegant kaftan is a phrase on a dress with pleated trims and a short jacket embroidered in golden with a belt.

Maziouna-56 60 OMR

Kaftan style comes with colour lace around the neck and sleeves.

Maziouna-58 70 OMR

A beautiful kaftan coming with simple embroidery around neck and sleeves edges, and embroidery line on the sides and from behind.

Maziouna-59 60 OMR

Stunning butterfly style with Blush pink  embroidery and elegant crystal beads.

Maziouna-62 35 OMR

A beautiful kaftan coming with V-neck style and beads around  the neck and some beads sparse from front side.

Maziouna-63 50 OMR

Beautiful kaftan with golden embroidery on the front and sleeves and elegant pants with embroidery on the bottom.

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