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Maziouna-040 65 OMR

A simple Pearl embedded on neck and sleeves free flowing dress.

Maziouna-A031 60 OMR

Casual Abaya with strips off-white and caff sleeves.

Maziouna-A032 40 OMR

Open Abaya, with soft cuts around the collar, and bell-shape cuffs sleeves.

Maziouna-D025 25 OMR
Simple crape silk blouse with flat collar and gauntlet sleeves cut.
Maziouna-D027 30 OMR

Silk/cotton simple short jacket.

Maziouna-D028 45 OMR
Crape fabric long Jacket.
Maziouna-K006 75 OMR 65 OMR

Gray -toned Kaftan with red, green and gold embroidery. Gold sequins on top half or dress, wide flair sleeves with embroidered sleeve edges and collar.

Maziouna-K022 85 OMR

Flowing silk Kaftan with gold cross patterned sequins across the top front half. Comes with matching chiffon scarf.

Maziouna-K043 110 OMR

Special Kaftan coming with traditional embroidery and elegant cut from both side.

Maziouna-k050 90 OMR

lining Kaftan with metallic silver embroidery and a simple, beautiful belt.

Maziouna-K051 90 OMR

Linin caftan with classic turquoise embroidery and simple belt.

Maziouna-S032 30 OMR

Elegant pure silk sheila coming with printed Omani jewelry.

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