About Daret Al Maziouna

The name Maziouna stands for traditional, beautiful and elegance, and that is what we bring to you with our elegant, modern Abayas, our charming Shayla’s and beautiful dresses which speak in a language of intricate embroidery, stunning designs and lasting impact. Hold your head a little higher. Walk a little taller. Be a lioness today. Be a queen. Dress yourself in confidence in Maziouna’s fashion. We make the traditional new again. Designed to keep you grounded with one foot in the traditional to remind you where you’ve come from, and the other in the modern to remind you where you are going. We bring you the fashion for your best journey in life. A modern take on the traditional, a subtle magnificence, a quiet confidence. Your secret weapon. Fitting in and standing out and set apart in just the right way. Get your Maziouna today!

Our Symbol

The logo of Maziouna is an embodiment of its spirit and personality, and symbolizes it’s quiet confidence as it gracefully steps forward to keep up with the changing times; reestablishing its promise to be a timeless fashion brand for the modern gulf woman. The elegant simplicity and modern-traditional design of its new typography is symbolic of its approach as a trendsetter that stays true to its cultural heartbeat.

Maziouna logo

Designs We Love!